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Friday, April 4, 2014

#CFV - Fearless Jewel Knight, Julia

So, we're finally in April. I use the word 'finally' here because, despite not having much to look out for in the world of Vanguard this month, we, Royal Paladin players, get our hand on a new little gem (pun fully intended) in the Cardfight Pack Vol. 9 offered this season. Of course, here, I'm talking about Fearless Jewel Knight, Julia who will not only change the entirety of the Jewel Knight's play style, but also make use of a new mechanic that will make other units way more relevant than they previously were.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

#CFV - BT12 Silver Thorn Overview

Although I was never truly a fan of how the Pale Moon units looked back when they were first released, I was always very interested in their unique play-style and mechanic. Then, when the clan got introduced to their new vanguard unit back in Booster Set 07, I was even more interested in playing them as not only I liked how Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier looked as a unit, they also enhanced how the clan worked with their soul. Fast forward to now, and with the release of the new Booster Set 12: Binding Force of the Black Rings in english comes an archetype for Pale Moon strictly centred around Luquier - how convenient, right!?

So as you may have already guessed, this Booster Set 12 blog entry will be around Pale Moon's new archetype: Silver Thorn. Silver Thorn, like the original Pale Moon clan, focuses on establishing and manipulating the soul to make power plays during the late game. Those power plays often consist of superior calling or switching around key units from the soul directly to a rear-guard circle.