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Friday, November 20, 2015

#FoWTCG - Valentina's World Overview (Post-A1)

I find it pretty crazy that my last Force of Will related blog entry is still about Jeanne d'Arc post-TAT. So much has happened since then but until recently, I never really found a deck I liked so much that I would want to write about it. I mean, I really enjoyed Faria Knights when she first came out, but the american meta was at a strange place at that time and Bahamut made every other decks other than itself irrelevant. 

Anyway, I've been tweaking and playing around with U/W Valentina for about two months now and I gotta say, as far as combo/control decks goes, it's probably the one I've had the most fun piloting in a while. It proven to be very consistent in playtest sessions and I've had pretty good results in local tournaments; my best result being getting 3rd place with 2 wins, 0 losses and 2 draws. It's definitely a tournament viable deck because not only it is a very powerful one, but it's also very slept on and the surprise factor can play a huge role in the deck's success. Anyhow, without further ado, here's the main board list...