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Saturday, November 10, 2012

#CFV - Banquet of Diva Release Day!!

We're finally the 10th! All that anticipation and pre-release hype can finally come to an end for us asparing Bermuda Triangle players as this is Banquet of Divas' release day! Hopefully, some of you guys had the chance to win or buy a lot of boxes to build a good/decent deck. As for me, despite me winning the so called ''Release'' Team Tournament at my locals and getting qualified for regionals, I sure didn't win anything Bermuda Triangle related with my 1st place placing (the prize was $20 store credit on singles for each teammate... sadface). However, I still managed to buy 6 extra boosters from the set and got pretty good pulls, if you ask me. This is what I got.
  • (1) Top Idol, Pacifica (SP)
  • (4) Top Idol, Pacifica
  • (2) Top Idol, Riviere
  • (4) Girls Rock Rio
  • (4) Bermuda Princess, Lena
  • (4) Pearl Sisters, Perle
  • (3) Pearl Sisters, Perla
  • (3) Mermaid Idol, Elly
Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I pulled as I can pretty much build any Bermuda Triangle deck  I want aside from Riviere (which is fine with me, to be honest). I managed to trade off some junk my teammate had in his binder for the Mermaid Idol, Elly and the other Pearl Sisters, Perla I was missing. Right now, I'm currently running a Pacifica Recycle build (the build I posted in my Overview article) and I'm really liking it so far. Despite being a very consistent and powerful deck, I'll probably drop the Royal Palamedes build I made and focus on Bermuda & CoCo for the next upcoming months as I also want to play the Raindear and Lena variant and win some tournaments with them as well.

Bad quality picture featuring Pacfica Recycle!!

Oh, and if I remember correctly, here are the top 3 teams from the team tournament:

7 Teams // 21 participants

1st place
- Royal Paladin (Palamedes // Alfred)
- Gold Paladin (SDD // Garmore)
- Nova Grappler (Asura Kaiser // Azure)

2nd place
- Gold Paladin (Ezel // Garmore) 
- Gold Paladin (Ezel // Garmore)
- Angel Feather (Shamsiel)

3rd place
- Gold Paladin (Ezel // Garmore)
- Gold Paladin (Ezel // Garmore)
- Granblue (Cocytus)


  1. How many boxes did you buy? I am guessing 5~6, with some extra boosters, but wanted to get a better idea since trying to help two other friends build Bermuda (each getting 3 boxes).

    1. Yeah, bought a total of 6 boxes. They can pretty much get everything with 6 boxes if they're lucky.