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Friday, July 5, 2013

#CFV - MLB Deck Profile (and I'm back!)

After a really long hiatus from playing Vanguard, I am now back blogging about it again! Got myself all the equipment needed for me to record and make videos for Vanguard, so you will be seeing a lot more footage (match videos, deck profiles) coming from me this time around.

As a comeback video, I made a deck profile of the deck I've been playing and testing for quite a while. Although it's true that Majesty Lord Blaster is not something new, It's still a pretty relevant and powerful deck in the current meta so I figured why not show it anyway. 

Majesty Lord Blaster Deck Profile

So yeah, be sure to keep in touch with my Youtube channel as I'll be uploading a lot more Vanguard content.

Deck List

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