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Monday, June 27, 2016

#CFV - Why should we be Brave

So with Fighter's Collection now out, I feel like it's now Altmile's time to shine. With G-Guardian and Sebreeze available to everybody, I feel like making huge numbers and having a strong & reliable GB game is more important than ever before and it so happen that the Altmile Brave variant can do all of those things pretty consistently.

All this to say, the arrival of G-Guardians and Sebreeze gave a bit more situations where playing a dedicated Brave Altmile build pays off, so it might not be a bad idea to give it a try this time around. Anyway, here's a simple build I've been playing around with for the past few weeks.

Why do you think huge numbers matters more?
At least for Royal Paladins, the G-Guardian mechanic has changed the way offence is played. The 21-26k power columns we used to make with the likes of Regalie can now be blocked with a single heal trigger. To counter that, the solution is to consistently reach the 31k mark so that our opponent uses a minimum of two cards from their hand to guard an attack. The benefit of playing an Altmile centric deck is that we get to play units like Selim, Pir, Knight of Fragment and Suleiman who all have passive power boost abilities. Pair those guys with Blue Sky Knight, Altmile's on-stride ability and we get to generate massive numbers early in the game when G-Guarding is the most useful for our opponent.

What do you mean by reliable Generation Break game?
Although he might not be played often, Sebreeze is another thing that changed the way offence is played. In a situation where we can stride Sebreeze and want to use that opportunity to punish our opponent with all the GB1 abilities we have at our disposal, having a reliable GB game have its merits. Indeed, after spending 2 Counter Blasts to stride Sebreeze, chances are that you will not be able to use Counter Blast hungry GB1 units used in other variants (i.e Twin Sword, Llew, Millius). Again, one of the benefits of playing Altmile is that we get to play GB1 units that doesn't use a lot of Counter Blasts and that are strong enough to punish 9k opposing Vanguards pretty hard.

What are the other benefits for playing an Altmile centric build?
Definitely a better post G-Guardian power play as striding Aerial Altmile after G-Guarding is almost the better play in any Royal Paladin deck. The difference now is that most the units played in the deck benefits from having an Altmile in the Vanguard Circle which, in turn, makes your plays a bit more devastating. Focusing on Altmile also gives us a much more devastating late game with Transcending the Heavens, Altmile as a finisher.

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