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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#CFV - Week 04/29 Results & Battle Log

Forgot to post last week's tournament results. Only went to Monday's tournament this time because I was late for the Saturday one.

Monday Tournament @ GameKeeper (14 players)
Battle Log
- 1st Round vs. Kagero (D.Overlord) 2-0
- 2nd Round vs. Spike Brothers (Siegfried) 2-1
- 3rd Round vs. Royal Paladin (Alfred/SSD) 0-2

Top 5 Results:

1st - Joao M. (Spike Brothers)
2nd - Daniel L. (Royal Paladin)
3rd - Aram D. (Royal Paladin)
4th - Sasha DC. (Oracle Think Tank)
5th - Judes R. (Royal Paladin)

Will try my hardest to at least place first with Royal Paladins once before I completely switch to Angel Feathers. Again, one of my crew member placed 1st, so congrats to him for winning the whole thing!

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