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Sunday, May 20, 2012

#CFV - Week 05/13 Results & Battle Log

Monday Tournament @ GameKeeper (14 players)
Battle Log
- 1st Round vs. Kagero (Blazing Flare) 2-1
- 2nd Round vs. Royal Paladin (SSD/Lohengrin) 2-0
- 3rd Round vs. Oracle Think Tank (CEO) 2-1
- 4th Round vs. Spike Brothers (Siegfried) 2-0

1st - Judes R. (Royal Paladin)
2nd - Luis C. (Kagero)
3rd - Aram D. (Royal Paladin)
4th - Jonathan M (Spike Brothers)

Saturday Tournament @ BD Cosmos (8 players)
Battle Log
- 1st Round vs Royal Paladin (SSD/Alfred) 2-1
- 2nd Round vs. Angel Feathers (Kiriel) 2-0
- 3rd Round vs. Granblue (Deadly Swordmaster) 2-1

1st - Judes R. (Royal Paladin)
2nd - Tobias S. (Granblue)
3rd - ??? (Royal Paladin)

Sunday Tournament @ Cote Vertu - Carta Magica (24 players)
Battle Log
- 1st Round vs Royal Paladin (SSD) 2-0
- 2nd Round vs. Nova Grappler (Asura Kaiser) 2-1
- 3rd Round vs. Spike Brothers (Siegfried) 2-0
- 4th Round vs. Oracle Think Tank (CEO) 1-2

1st - Gabriel (Oracle Think Tank)
2nd - Kevin M. (Kagero)
3rd - Judes R. (Royal Paladin)

Pretty good tournament week for me in term of rankings. I was 1 damage away from winning the Sunday tournament, but my opponent pulled a heal triggers as his 6th damage and managed to kill me next turn. It really sucks losing that way, but with my luck it always happens when I'm playing against OTT and I'm about to close the match with SSD's final turn Soul Blast. Since my team placed pretty high, we still managed to get the equivalent of a booster box (15 packs each for me and Kevin + a little more) and I got some really nice pulls for my Angel Feather deck (2 Kiriels, G1 Nociel and an G3 Egodiel) so I'm pretty happy about that. My goal was to at least place 1st in a tournament with Royal Paladin before switching to an Angel Feather deck and I'm pretty relieved that I did. 

I'm still going to enter the next few tournaments as Royal Paladins since my Angel Feather deck is still under construction, but as soon as it is done, I'll try placing with them!

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