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Monday, April 2, 2012

#CFV - Gold Paladin Impression & Review (Part 1)

We've finally reached the month of April! For most, it doesn't mean much, but for both English and Japanese Vanguard players, it means 3 long weeks of waiting before the new Vanguard set, BT06/03 - Breaker of Limits, hits the shelves. That said, It's pretty natural that a lot of us, VG players, has been checking out all the possible news and spoilers released about this new set on the wikia and forums - especially with the release date being so close to us.

Being a Royal Paladin player since the game came out, I've personally been trying to keep up with the new information regarding one of the new clans appearing in this set, Gold Paladin, to see what they are all about and how they differentiate from RPs. Honestly, at first, I was not very pleased with them considering most of them were exact replicas of RP cards except with a different artwork, but as the time passed, some newly released cards started to make Gold Paladins a little more interesting... 

Crimson Little Lion, Kirufu
Auto: When a 《Gold Paladin》 rides this unit, you may call this unit to a Rearguard Circle.
Activate【R】:[Choose a unit named 「Crimson Little Lion, Kirufu」 and a unit named 「Knight of Fine Skill, Gareth」 from your Rearguard Circles and put them into your soul] If you have a unit named 「Knight of Divine Skill, Bohman」 on your Vanguard Circle, search your deck for a unit named 「Burning Lion, Blonde Zeyer」, ride it, and shuffle your deck.

Crimson Little Lion, Kirufu was one of the cards that made me reconsider my opinion about Gold Paladins in this set. What is so good about this card is that it's a Superior Ride tool that doesn't cost you deck space, souls or counters. Unlike other Superior Rides, the two cards you are required to achieve the Superior Ride are two staples you would put in (almost) any Paladin decks regardless of the build. Knight of Fine Skill, Gareth is your usual Grade 1, 8k vanilla booster while Knight of Divine Skill, Bohman is your Grade 2, 10k vanilla beatstick. 

                                      Knight of Fine Skill, Gareth                   Knight of Divine Skill, Bohman

Although Kirufu requires a specific setup to activate it's effect, it's the fact that it's free that makes him so solid. Even if the player is unlucky enough to not be able to activate it's effect, it still becomes a 5k booster after being rode (which is better than Barcgal) and is able to proceed riding turn after turn like a normal deck would do. If the player is fortunate and has the setup required, he gets an advantage in term of turns over his opponent and has Gold Paladin's best Grade 3 on the field, Burning Lion, Blonde Zeyer, almost for free (other than two Rearguards).

Overall, I think Kirufu is going to be a staple in Gold Paladin decks focusing on Zeyer, and seeing how Zeyer is the most solid Grade 3 for this clan, I predict that it's going to see a lot of play in general.


  1. hmm wow, nice art on those cards... is this more of a yugi game or mtg sort? happy to hear moar ;)

    1. I wouldn't compare it to neither of them. It's really a unique game and has it's own little vibe. Very fun game!