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Monday, April 9, 2012

#CFV - 09/04/12 Results & Battle Log

Will finally be able to attend one of my local store's Vanguard tournament today. Hopefully my luck will be better than what it usually is when I play casuals against my friends.

Will post results and battle log once I return from the tournament.

Battle Log & Thoughts
Just came back from the tournament and I'm not too happy about my performance. I placed 6th place out of 9 people which is pretty bad, in my honest opinion.

First Round: vs. Kagero (Dragonic Overlord)
First match of the set was pretty convincing for him. He retired my barcgal early in the match with his draw trigger and it went downhill from there. He rushed me down with Dragonic Overlord and pulled a couple of critical triggers that basically gave him the win in the long run. The second match I managed to quickly rush him down with Barcgal+Llew+SSD early in the game which gave me a huge lead. I basically kept the lead and got the game. As for the third match, due to some little misplays from him and my luck (that finally showed up after 2 matches!), I managed to stole the final round from him with a Critical trigger for game. Was really close.

Second Round: vs Royal Paladin (SSD/Gigantic Charger)
Did not really lose to the player/deck, but to the dudes behind the actual player coaching him (actually, one of the coaches was behind me seeing my cards). Since the guy was a beginner, I let it slide but it's really only after you realize that you lost to coaching that it gets to you. I should have called it the same way I call pauses or infractions in fighting game tournaments... Lesson learned. He 0-2'd with and half-ass Paladin deck, some luck and a huge amount of coaching - whatever.

Final Round: vs Oracle Think Tank (CEO)
Played against my friend who won convincingly in the casuals we had this last weekend so I knew it wasn't going to be easy. First match, he had a pretty bad hand at the beginning of the match but fortunately for him and unfortunately for me he managed to get back in the game with his draw power and heal triggers. He finally took the lead and pulled lucky triggers with CEO for game. Second match was very close (5 damage vs 5 damage) and I had the lead until I made the biggest mistake of my life and decided to overblocked his CEO (dumping every blockers I had in fear of two triggers). He twin drived a stand trigger, put the power on his 8k rearguard and finished me off. Not too happy about that lose and, but it was a legit win over my dumbness. Live & learn, I guess.

Right now, I'm really considering changing my deck to a Lohengrin/SSD build because I think Alfred and SSD has no synergy whatsoever. Alfred needs rearguards to hit while SSD eats the rearguards Barcgal calls. I'm really wondering how Japanese players used them because right now, my record with that deck is not that great. Will try my hardest to change it before next tournament.


  1. hope all is going well with the tournament man.

  2. Haha,sounds like a blast
    good luck brosif

  3. I hope next time you get the losses into wins.

  4. One more thing, just noticed the music bar on the bottom of the window, and nice choice with Mac Miller, awesome!

    1. Thanks, Jim. I, for sure, will try to get a better record next tournament.