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Sunday, April 29, 2012

#CFV - Week 04/22 Results & Battle Log

Pretty lax tournament week for me this week. Thursday tournaments seem to never happen because of the lack of people showing up and the Saturday tournament got canceled because of YGO and Magic pre-release events happening at the same time.

Monday Tournament @ GameKeeper (12 players)

Battle Log
- 1st Round vs. Oracle Think Tank (CEO) 2-0
- 2nd Round vs. Spike Brothers (Siegfried) 2-1
- 3rd Round vs. Oracle Think Tank (CEO) 1-2

1st - Sam Rubens S. (Oracle Think Tank)
2nd - Judes R. (Royal Paladin)
3rd - Alex V. (Spike Brothers)

Was round was away to finally get first place, but bad shuffling killed my chances in the final round against my friend - oh well. Still happy that our crew had a good showing at the tournament.

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  1. So close, but at least your crew did good.