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Sunday, April 22, 2012

#CFV - Week 04/15 Results & Battle Log

Great news! I learned this week that there is actually three local Vanguard tournaments in my area per week in different places. Unless I feel very lazy, I'll probably be able to go to each of them every week, so instead of posting long (and tedious) battle logs & thoughts about the tournaments, I'll just post results and score for each of them.

Monday Tournament @ GameKeeper (12 players)
Battle Log
- 1st Round vs. Royal Paladin (SSD/Lohengrin) 0-2
- 2nd Round vs. Royal Paladin (SSD/Charger) 2-0
- 3rd Round vs. Oracle Think Tank (CEO) 2-0

1st - Aram D. (Royal Paladin)
2nd - Judes R. (Royal Paladin)
3rd - Jonathan M. (Spike Brothers)

Saturday Tournament @ BD Cosmos (8 players)
Battle Log
- 1st Round vs. Kagero (D.Overlord/B.Core) 2-0
- 2nd Round vs. Kagero (D.Overlord/Goku) 1-2
- 3rd Round vs. Spike Brothers (Juggernaut) 2-1 (forfeit)

1st - ??? (Royal Paladin)
2nd - ??? (Kagero)
3rd - Judes R. (Royal Paladin)

What is written in bold in the results is how I placed. Unfortunately, not enough people showed up at the Thursday tournament this week so there are no results for that this week. 


  1. Great job getting on the podium once again!

  2. Hope you get a first place finish soon.